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The future appears bleak for an ex-Phoenix police officer, who was arrested in Surprise in March on suspicion of drunk driving. He had his 2 children in the car with him. Experts are saying that he could stand to lose his state certification. A document recently released by the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training […]



How to Detect Drunk Drivers on the Road

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Almost everyone knows at least some of the risks of drinking and driving, and people that do go out and drink know their bodies well enough to realize when they’re no longer OK to drive. Many times friends will even step up, to prevent their friends from driving drunk, and potentially causing an accident. What […]



Preventing drinking and driving is not just something you need to think about when you go out to bars. House parties are very common, and if you couple the fact of the alcohol being free with the relaxed environment of home, it’s very easy for people to get into trouble. Last entry was focused on […]



It’s no mystery that drunk driving is a serious charge. It can come with time in jail, fines, license revocation, and interlock devices placed on vehicles, not to mention the potential for injuring/killing yourself and others. Just about everyone has heard friends tell stories about drinking and driving as if it’s not a big deal, […]



Prosecutors Cringe at Wrong-Way Crash Sentencing

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In the midst of a crowded courtroom Monday, Miguel F Ramirez was sentenced to 19 years in prison, much to the prosecutor’s chagrin. Ramirez sentence was for driving drunk on the wrong side of the interstate, and hitting a car full of teenagers head-on. 33 now, Ramirez will be 51 when he completes his sentence. […]



Arizona DUI Laws Get Easier

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Arizona is on the verge of passing a law that will cut drunk driver punishment, affording DUI offenders a huge break. The existing Arizona DUI law requires Arizona DUI offenders to pass a breathalyzer/ignition interlock device test to drive for an entire year. With the new law, that punishment time period will be cut down […]



Man Caught Shoplifting for His Family

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On Friday, an Arizona man was arrested for shoplifting, which he said was done to feed his child and wife. Police reported that the 26 year old man, Kirk R. Cheff, was stopped by a store security guard when trying to leave a Valley Kohl’s. The guard said that in addition to noticing gym shorts […]



According to Maricopa and Yavapai County Sheriffs, the killing of a Maricopa Sheriff’s deputy in Anthem, and the killing of a couple from New Hampshire in Sedona are related. A recent news conference held in Phoenix confirmed that the exact same green-tipped ammunition was used in both cases, effectively proving that the same gun was […]



A recent study performed by the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety states that Arizona is currently ranked 49th out of 50 states in regards to driver safety laws. The only state that received a lower rank was South Dakota. The President of the organization, Jacqueline Gillan, said that if Arizona were to implement more […]



Statewide DUI Campaign Yields 29 DUI Arrests

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During the period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, the Western Arizona Taskforce performed a state-wide drunken driving enforcement campaign that resulted in 29 arrests for driving under the influence. According to one of the arresting officers, Cpl. Dan Spivey, one of the drivers who was arrested had been asked to perform a straight line walk […]




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