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Teenager Found Guilty of Texting While Driving

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If you have watched the news at all recently, then you are undoubtedly aware of lawmakers’ push for more rules and tighter restrictions when it comes to laws related to texting while driving. While there are some that will state that outlawing texting while driving is not going to prevent many people from doing it, […]



Texting while driving has been a horror story told on numerous web articles, news reports, newspaper columns, and radio broadcasts. It is a fairly recent issue, and awareness of texting while driving is being pushed hard by advocacy groups. It is a wide-spread issue that is gathering attention in all states. Some law enforcement agencies […]



Memorial Day DUI Arrests Continue Downward Trend

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DUI Task forces have been in full swing around the state for the entire weekend so far, and preliminary results have just come in with some promising news. Compared to results from Memorial Day weekends of years past, reports indicate that the total number of DUI arrests is quite a bit lower this year. According […]



Alcohol Blamed as Factor in Fatal Car Crash

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At around 7:20 at night on the 25th, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office took a large number of calls, all of which described a man travelling at excessive speed the wrong way on a major street. According to witnesses, a silver Hyundai Sonata was heading against West-bound traffic on Ocotillo Road. The vehicle, driven by […]



The DUI task force that spent the Memorial Day weekend patrolling the valley’s side-streets and freeways made quite a few less arrests than last year, according to reports. The joint effort between many of Arizona’s police departments and sheriff’s departments, the DUI enforcement task force made, in total, over 430 arrests for suspicion of driving […]



If you have read entries in this blog, then you are well-aware of the increase in DUI enforcement around all the major holidays. Every holiday in recent history has seen a large mobilization of police forces specifically aimed at patrolling the side-streets and freeways in the valley, specifically identifying and apprehending drivers under the influence […]



This Memorial Day weekend, law enforcement officers are not just searching for drivers under the influence of alcohol; they are also searching for anyone in violation of seat belt laws. This weekend will keep the streak alive for major holidays that have had DUI task forces arranged. All of the recent holidays have seen increased […]



A Tucson Police Officer found herself on the wrong side of the badge recently when she was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. 4-year veteran of the Tucson Police Department, Lynsey Coutts was arrested for DUI recently. Officers that performed the roadside DUI test on her found that her blood alcohol […]



Holiday weekends are the perfect time to sit around with family and friends, and have a few drinks. Unfortunately, they are also among the biggest times for people to be driving under the influence of alcohol. DUI task forces have been in place for all of the recent major holidays, and they have always been […]



After informing officers that he had broken legs and that he had a painful sensation in his lungs, a Mesa man was placed under arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs. Police reported that the man seemed to be under the influence of cocaine and meth at the time of the arrest. […]




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