DUI Attorney Phoenix and throughout Arizona

If you are arrested in Maricopa County for DUI, you need an expert DUI defense attorney

If you are arrested for drunk or impaired driving in Tempe, Mesa, or anywhere in Arizona, you should know the Arizona DUI Consequences & Penalties. Arizona has the most brutal DUI penalties in the nation.

If you are arrested for suspicion of DUI, reduce your risks of incarceration, massive fine, loss of your license, and other penalties by contacting an expert in DUI criminal defense. Arizona’s DUI Attorney Vlad Gagic can help protect your rights and defend your freedom.

Phoenix law enforcement officials may try to punish you unjustly

Over-eager police, investigators, prosecutors and others officials will take advantage of you unless you stand up for your rights. You do not have to stand up alone. The massive law enforcement bureaucracy will come after you, but the Law Offices of Vlad Gagic are in your corner. We will fight back.

When a driver is stopped, they are, often, unaware of their rights. Law enforcement will take advantage of this and may try to force drivers into field sobriety tests. This doesn’t have to happen.

You have the right to a defense attorney as soon as you are stopped. Law enforcement probably won’t let you know this and may try to bully you into taking the test. Know your rights, review the Field Sobriety Tests Do’s & Don’ts, and contact Arizona’s DUI Defense Lawyer Vlad Gagic.

Attorney Vlad Gagic has a long history of defending clients accused of DUI in Scottsdale, throughout metropolitan Phoenix, and in many of Arizona’s rural areas. If you are facing DUI charges, contact a skilled and aggressive attorney with the resources to defend you anywhere in the state. Summon the Marine. Contact the Law Offices of Vlad Gagic immediately by texting 911 to 84444.

There are many Phoenix DUI lawyers, but you need the best

Whether you are an Out-of-State Visitor or a full-time Arizona resident, you have rights that must be defended. Vlad Gagic has history as a United States Marine, a graduate of the University of Arizona, and experience as a former Pima County public defender. These experiences make him an aggressive and committed DUI defense attorney.

If you are arrested, the stakes are high, the law is complex, and the police are merciless. You need a fighter on your side. Summon the Marine. Contact Phoenix DUI Lawyers from the Law Offices of Vlad Gagic at 602-955-1985. The best DUI criminal defense attorney is available to you seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day wherever you are in the state.



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