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DUI charges may depend on blood, breath, or urine tests to indicate blood alcohol concentration (BAC). A BAC of .08 may lead to DUI while a BAC of .15 will lead to an Extreme DUI or Super Extreme DUI. A skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney knows many ways to challenge the results of these types of tests. Challenging these tests may lead to a reduction or complete dismissal of charges.

Common problems with Phoenix’s Chemical, Blood & Urine Tests during DUI arrests

Criminal Defense Attorney Vlad Gagic has honed his ability to identify and challenge many of the common mistakes made by law enforcement representatives administering Chemical, Blood & Urine tests.

  • The person (phlebotomist) drawing the blood was improperly trained.
  • Overstatement of BAC resulting from testing plasma rather than blood
  • Insufficient blood test kit
  • Expired blood test kit
  • Swabs were contaminated before they were used in the test.

You also have the right for your blood sample to be tested by an independent laboratory. Without an accomplished DUI attorney on your side, you may not know these rights. To challenge the results of your test and defend your freedom, contact the Law Offices of Vlad Gagic as soon as possible, twenty-four hours a day at 602-955-1985.

The Phoenix Police Department’s breathalyzer may be wrong

DUI cases often involve the use of breathalyzers. Many times, the device is faulty. The Arizona Department of Health Services insists that the devices be precisely calibrated every thirty-one days. The Department is supposed to inspect each device every ninety days. If they have failed in this maintenance, the results will be questioned and your charges may be reduced or dismissed.

The above represent only a few of the many ways that a Chemical, Blood & Urine test may be administered in ways that violate your rights. Without an accomplished attorney on your side, you may face a much harsher penalty than you deserve and with Arizona DUI Consequences & Penalties so brutal, you need an aggressive and experienced attorney on your side. Summon the Marine at 602-955-1985 anytime day or night.



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