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Prosecutors often add the accusation “domestic violence” to an assault charge. This allegation means that the assault was against someone living in the same home or who lived in the same home for an extended period. As a result of this broad application, you are quite likely to have domestic violence added to your assault charges. Domestic violence is a misdemeanor but can still result in jail time. If you are convicted of a third domestic violence assault charge, you will be charged with a felony.

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Domestic Violence in Maricopa County is not just between husband and wife

Often, when domestic violence is mentioned, people imagine brutal violence between a husband and wife. But, according to Arizona Law, Domestic Violence has a much wider application.

The “violence” at issue, may not be obvious: verbal threats, unwanted touching, or other seemingly non-violent acts may be grounds for the charges. Furthermore, parents, stepparents, children, stepchildren, relatives, fiancés, boyfriends, girlfriends, domestic partners, roommates and an almost unlimited number of other people can qualify as targets of domestic violence. When this charge is added to assault, the penalties can become much more severe.

A complex area of Arizona Law requires a focused Domestic Violence attorney in Phoenix.

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Below are some common charges that are coupled with Domestic Violence. With Vlad Gagic, you don’t have to face them alone:

    • Child abuse
    • Sexual abuse
    • Assault
    • Disorderly conduct
    • Aggravated assault
    • harrassment, stalking or intimidation
    • Violation of a restraining order
    • Cyber-bullying

Added to jail time and fines, you may be required to take domestic violence counseling, anger management classes and do community service. You may have been falsely accused. Your rights may have been violated by the police. Contact Vlad Gagic to get expert legal advice. Protect your rights.



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