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Arizona law enforcement officials will make no distinction between legal prescription drugs and illegal drugs like marijuana. Even if a driver took drugs weeks ago, if any are found within their system, they will be charged with DUI even if the drug had no influence on driving performance. Furthermore, unlike an alcohol DUI, your loss of license penalty will be transferred even if you are an Out-of-State Visitor.

Your best defense is to contact acclaimed Phoenix Criminal Attorney Vlad Gagic. With a long history as a criminal defense attorney in cases involving Drug Crimes, Sex Crimes, Homicide and with a special focus on DUI defense, all of your questions and concerns can be answered by a leading expert in Arizona DUI law. Call 602-955-1985 for a free consultation.

Maricopa County penalties for Drug Impairment are harsh

The Motor Vehicle Division does not need to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt; their standards to punish you are much lower than a criminal court. Your case will be reviewed and you will face MVD License Suspension & Revocation Hearings. A Drug DUI may lead the MVD to revoke your license for one year. When your license is revoked, you will not be allowed to drive at all. Not to classes and not to your job. Additionally, you will be required to install an interlock device, even though your DUI may have not been related to alcohol.

Added to these consequences, you will face fines, increased insurance premiums, and mandatory counseling sessions.

Criminal defense lawyers can challenge your charges of Drug Impairment in Phoenix

To determine if you have drugs—or even inactive traces called metabolites—in your system, law enforcement officials may subject you to Chemical, Blood & Urine Tests. The results are often crucial to the prosecution’s case against you. Vlad Gagic can challenge the results to get your charges reduced or dismissed. This is only one example of the intricate details of the law that Mr. Gagic will explore to defend your rights. He is a sophisticated and aggressive attorney with a state-wide reputation for excellence.

As a leader in DUI defense and with his wide-ranging legal experience, Arizona’s news media often turns to Mr. Gagic for insight. As a proven legal authority, Mr. Gagic has appeared on Fox, ABC, and CBS news. He regularly appears on their television broadcasts to discuss nationally and internationally significant cases and important state and national legal issues.

You deserve a lawyer with this legal expertise and a reputation for excellence. Contact Phoenix Valley Criminal Lawyers at the Law Offices of Vlad Gagic at 602-955-1985 for a free consultation.



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