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Vlad Gagic, DUI Defense and MVD Hearings expert

You will typically have fifteen days to request a Motor Vehicle Division hearing after you have been arrested for a DUI. The criminal case and the MVD case are separate. Your criminal case will be handled in a court while your MVD hearing will take place in a different setting similar to conference room. During the hearing, the MVD will try to present evidence showing that they have the right to suspend or revoke your license.

Requesting the MVD hearing has multiple benefits. If you request one, your license suspension will be “stayed.” This means that you will be able to keep your license until after your hearing and, perhaps, never have it suspended at all.

Also, if you would rather not attend or you are an Out-of-State Visitor and returning to Arizona is not possible, your criminal defense attorney can appear in your place.

Additionally, this will also give your defense attorney the chance to question the law enforcement official who arrested you. This can lead to important details offering negotiating leverage for your defense. This may help in having your charges dropped or reduced. Requesting the hearing is one step. The next step is to contact 602-955-1985 for a free consultation.

If your license is being revoked in Phoenix as result of DUI, you can challenge that decision

If your license has been revoked you can get this reduced to a suspension if you have a skilled DUI defense attorney on your side. Your chances of success increase with a lawyer who is an expert in MVD License Suspension & Revocation Hearings.

You can do no driving at all if your license is revoked. But, a suspension means you will be allowed to drive on a limited basis. That limited basis—though still punitive—will include being able to go to work and school. This is a major difference.

Like most areas of the law, the MVD License Suspension & Revocation Hearings are complex. Added to this complexity is the separate nature of the hearing. It is not the same as the criminal case against you. In fact, it is quite possible to avoid criminal charges but still have your license suspended or revoked. These complexities make having Vlad Gagic on your side an essential component of your defense. If you face DUI charges, don’t do it alone. Contact the Law Offices of Vlad Gagic for a free consultation. 602-955-1985.



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