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Arrested for Underage DUI in Phoenix or Scottsdale?

Call a Maricopa County DUI defense attorney experienced with underage DUI cases involving minors

With teenagers’ safety of paramount importance, Arizona has adopted extremely strict laws and penalties where minor DUI is concerned. Arizona’s politicians and law enforcement officials take particular pride in the state’s harsh DUI penalties & consequences including underage DUI penalties. If you are arrested of an underage DUI in Tempe or Mesa, a DUI attorney with experience defending underage clients may be essential to success in your case.

Depending on the severity of your charges, you may face a court trial. In extreme cases, you may be charged with homicide related to DUI. You may face Extreme, Super Extreme or Felony DUI charges. Furthermore, you will almost certainly face an MVD license suspension & revocation hearing. At that MVD hearing, a decision may be made to seriously restrict or possibly revoke your driving privileges. A DUI defense lawyer can help you at every stage of your case.

Losing your license, facing jail time, losing employment and educational opportunities are all serious risks if you are convicted. Minimize your risks by contacting a dedicated Arizona DUI defense attorney who is aggressive, knowledgeable, and experienced with underage DUI cases.

As a former US Marine, public defender, and experienced criminal defense attorney, he has the skill to rigorously defend your rights. From your initial police stop, to the MVD hearing, through a trial, you have an ally when you call Arizona Underage DUI Defense Attorney Vlad Gagic at 602-955-1985.

Minor DUI in Phoenix, Arizona? Prosecutors will aggressively pursue harsh penalties

Many people believe that fighting a DUI charge is a waste of time and money because a conviction is guaranteed in Arizona. People who believe this are wrong. A DUI defense attorney has a nearly endless amount of strategies that can be used to challenge an underage DUI charge. What was the reason for the initial stop by Phoenix law enforcement? Was the Chemical, Blood & Urine Test administered appropriately? Was the breathalyzer calibrated according to mandatory standards? Did Chandler Police violate your rights in any way? These are only some of the many ways underage DUI defense attorneys in Arizona can challenge the case against you. Contact Arizona’s DUI Defense Attorney Vlad Gagic.

Even if he is unable to get the charges against you dropped, Mr. Gagic is an extremely skilled negotiator and experienced litigator who will fight to at least get your charges reduced. With him on your side, you may avoid some of the harshest Arizona penalties for underage DUI: jail time, license suspension, hundreds of dollars in fines, alcohol abuse counseling, public community service, disqualification for college scholarships and federal financial aid and other consequences.

Contact Underage Drunk Driving Attorney Vlad Gagic.



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